2016 – 2017 Committee Members of GSGA

Please feel free to contact any of them if you have any question or comments about the activities of the Samaj.

Committee Members:
* President – Amrat Patel
* Treasurer – Chetan Patel
* Secretary – Dipty Desai
* Web Master – Niharika Thakkar
* Member – Yogesh Patel
* Member –  Harshad Patel
* Member –  Vivek Shah
* Member –  Daiwat Patel
* Member – Himanshu Shah

* Varsha Bhatt
* Jayant Patel
* Herschel Trivedi
* Dinesh Desai
* Vijay Parikh

Scholarship Committee members:
*Hina Mehta
*Vijay Parikh

Committee – Nomination Form

2 Replies to “2016 – 2017 Committee Members of GSGA”

  1. I paid membership last month as soon as I got email and I have emails back saying it got received. Today I got another email saying my membership expired. When I login (after several tries, I know my password) and it has no proof I paid. What is going on? Can we have website with little more information? There is no contact info for anyone to contact or anything to ask this question.


    1. Mr Patel – There is a contact us link at the bottom of every page that will allow you to send an email to a committee member – please use that.

      Also, as you hopefully know our memberships have always run from Sept of one year to August 31 of the next year, and based on the records it showed that your renewed your membership on August 26 , which to the system meant your membership was for the 2017 year. All memberships as of Sept 1 expire regardless of then they were created – it is not based on a rolling 12 months. We will go into your account and update this. Again if you have an issue – there is a contact us link at the bottom of EVERY page as well as on the Contact US main link from the home page – please utilize those when you have a question.

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